Reliance Jio has launched a new offer for customers

Reliance Jio is launching one-time acquisition new offer for its users. The company offered with another offer to retain its customers. Reliance Jio announced the buy One Get One Free offer. That is Prime prepaid users can avail free data on recharge of Rs 149, Rs 303, Rs 499 and above.

Reliance Jio does not want to leave any chance to woo its users. While Reliance Jio is offering attractive offers, Airtel to Idea, Vodafone, Telenor and other companies are ready to compete with jio.


Reliance Jio’s new offer, giving customers 120GB ‘free data’

Live will provide free services to its customers by March 31 and the company has given this date deadline for its users to get the prime membership as of this date. Company owner Mukesh Ambani says that live will now be paid service from March 31. The company will no longer offer free data and call.

60GB free data

To get 60 GB free data (303 RS plan) and 120 free GB data (499 plans) Reliance Jio offer, the user will have to recharge the 12 months together. If you take a plan of Rs 303, then you will have to recharge 3636 rupees together, you will find 5 GB additional data with 28 GB/month data. In this way, you can find 60 GB free data. 499 plans will have to recharge Rs 5,988 for 12 months, and then the user will get 120 GB free data. These data will be available every month as 10 GB.


15GB free data

If you do not want to spend so much money together other offers are also available for you. If you want, you can get Rs 303 recharge for three months, meaning that you have to pay Rs 909 for advance. In this, you will get 15GB of data free, in which 3 months you get 5GB data.

Similarly, after giving 6 months recharge of Rs 1818, you get 30GB of data free. This will get 5GB of data free every month for 6 months. Likewise, in 9 months 303 recharge, you will get 45GB extra data when you give 2727 rupees, which will get 5GB of data every month for 9 months.This offer of the company can be a win-win deal for Reliance Jio users.

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